Pothole damage on your tyres

Pothole damage on your tyres

Potholes are as much a part of South African lives as water restrictions and load-shedding. Quick to appear and slow to be fixed, they’ve become as common as they are dangerous and require you to be extra vigilant behind the wheel as you navigate through traffic daily.

Unfortunately, however, chances are very high that you and your vehicle will sooner or later, experience pothole damage. Regardless of how small the hole was, or how slow you were driving when you hit it, the impact on your tyres and suspension can cause irreparable damage, creating a potentially life-threatening situation for both you and other road users.

How potholes cause damage

Potholes can cause temporary or permanent damage to your car in several ways. From easy fixes such as knocking out your wheel alignment to costly repairs to your suspension and even buckled wheels, your tyres will undoubtedly take the impact produced by hitting a pothole.

Pothole damage on your tyres

Although tyre rubber is relatively flexible, the speed at which your wheel and tyre goes into and comes out of a pothole doesn’t allow enough time for the vehicle to efficiently absorb and control the shock. This results in the sidewall taking all the impact and causing damage to the internal structure of the tyre. A visible bulge on your sidewall is caused when this happens. If left unattended to, it will eventually cause a tyre blowout.

What to do if you hit a pothole

To keep your car in good condition, and reduce the likelihood of a blowout, it’s important to always check your tyres.

  • Do a visual check of your wheel and tyres for damages caused by the pothole impact
  • Look for cracks, a bulge or egg-shaped bubble on the sidewall
  • Check your tyre pressure to ensure it’s still correctly inflated
  • Listen for any noises coming from the suspension, wheels and tyres that were not present before the impact
  • Take note if there is any shudder on your steering wheel, or if your vehicle is pulling in a leftward or right direction
  • If you’re unsure, take your vehicle to a wheel and tyre fitment centre for inspection 
If you need new tyres

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